New York City’s Angelina Bakery will soon hold the grand opening of its newest location, featuring a new gelato menu experience merging rich traditions of Italian gelato side-by-side with vibrant Korean-inspired flavors.

Located in the heart of the city’s Koreatown, the bakery’s new venture offers a selection of Korean-inspired gelato, including the following flavors:

  • Jeju Mandarin – A sweet and tangy fruit renowned for representing Jeju island
  • Omija Berry – This creation tantalizes taste buds with five distinct tastes—sourness, sweetness, bitterness, spiciness and saltiness
  • Red Bean – A beloved ingredient in Korean cuisine. Angelina transforms this classic favorite into a velvety gelato, highlighting the sweet and nutty essence of red bean paste
  • Black Sesame – A staple in Korean cooking renowned for its robust, earthy notes
  • Melona – Pays homage to a famous Korean popsicle brand, celebrating its honeydew melon flavor with a gelato twist
  • 7 Grains – Combining a mix of Brown Rice, Sweet Rice, Job’s Tears, Black Soy Beans, Barley, Perilla Seeds, and Black Sesame Seeds – traditionally used in Korean desserts and beverages

Any gelato creation can be topped with a mini-bombolone or an empty bombolone can be filled with any gelato on the menu. Additionally, in the coming weeks, a variety of flavorful liquor-infused gelatos will also be available for purchase.

“I am of Korean heritage, but born in Italy, speaking Italian for most of my life,” says Tony Park, owner of Angelina Bakery. “I started as a pastry chef in Italy, inspired by my grandmother’s timeless confections to transform pastry-making. I then moved to New York and became a citizen of the world, releasing my experimental fusion of Korean and Italian flavors from my own, personal kitchen into the city’s dessert culture. Customers were blown away, and this mix inspired a new, transformative culinary wave.”