Angelina Bakery, which specializes in Italian treats, has announced that it is adding three new locations in New York City.

A Times Square flagship is set to open in the city in mid-July. The other two locations are set to open in Williamsburg Brooklyn and Manhattan’s Herald Square in October 2021. The 4,000 square foot Times Square location will boast Angelina Bakery’s iconic Tiffany blue with added white and gold details. The bakery will feature a big open kitchen, visible to the street so onlookers can peer in.

Angelina Bakery is the brainchild of owner Tony Park, who is of Korean descent but was born in Palermo, Italy and raised from a young age by an Italian family. The bakery pays homage to his Italian grandmother, Giuliana “Anna”, who taught him how to cook and bake as well as his daughter, Angelina.

Angelina Bakery reflects the authentic Italian pastry of his youth, but with an Asian twist. The bombolone, an Italian donut, known to be on the heavier side featuring Bavarian cream is updated with a lighter Asian influenced recipe. Featuring less sugar and butter, but more water, the taste remains unchanged, but the caloric value is almost half of what a regular bombolone is (600 calories vs. over 1,000). The bakery is also known for its famous brioche x croissant hybrid, the Brissant™.

“I tried to take the best of all the countries I’m from – the artisanship of a Palermo bakery in the Vucciria (local market), the Korean-detailed attention to testing and finding the right balance between ingredients and the New Yorker philosophy of wanting an authentic breakfast and lunch, but often on the run,” says Park.