Low-carb bread brand Hero Bread has reformulated its bread, buns and tortillas to feature olive oil. The olive oil replaces canola oil and seed oil, the company said.

Hero Bread said olive oil offers several benefits, including being nutrient dense, heart-healthy and rich in antioxidants, including vitamin E and protective plant compounds.

“At Hero we take customer feedback as seriously as we take our baking,” said Cole Glass, founder of Hero Bread. “We are proud to have successfully made the swap to olive oil in all of our products that previously used seed oils. You’ll see olive oil on the ingredient list on all of our core products — from bread and tortillas to buns — at all of our 2,400-plus retailers, our DTC website and of course Amazon. This key ingredient upgrade adds the heart-healthy benefits of olive oil to every bite of Hero and makes our already delicious, better-for-you baked goods even tastier. We are proud to be a seed oil free brand.”

Hero Bread entered the market inOctober 2021as part of a partnership with Subway restaurants. By April 2022 the company’s Hero sliced bread and Hero kaiser rolls were made available for shipment direct to consumers. In October 2022 the company touted the fact its Hero classic white bread had climbed to Amazon’s No. 1 bestseller in the white sandwich bread category. In May 2023, thecompany raised $47.5 million in funding following a Series B round. The funds were to be used to expand retail distribution.