good natured Products Inc., a North American leader in plant-based products, has launched its first-ever “Sustainability Guide Book”. This educational resource aims to help businesses navigate key considerations when selecting the best sustainable packaging solution for their food products.

The “Sustainability Guide Book” provides timely and relevant advice to some of the most urgent questions that businesses face when switching to eco-friendly packaging. With complex and constantly changing sustainability regulations, businesses are finding it challenging to understand how regional and national government mandates can impact their packaging decisions.

This resource helps answer other frequently asked questions on topics such as packaging design and fit, materials, consumer preferences and disposal. Experts in the industry who have a strong understanding of both the importance of packaging design, and the environmental and social consequences of various packaging materials, can assist businesses in choosing the best sustainable option that considers both their operational and environmental needs.

“The key tips from the ‘Sustainability Guide Book’ are meant to help give companies an overview of how to navigate the sustainable packaging landscape,” says Paul Antoniadis, chief executive officer of good natured®. “There is no single solution for what makes packaging sustainable. Our goal is to encourage people to take the first step by making it as easy as possible to understand what sustainable packaging options exist and how a combination of design and eco-friendly materials is often the best solution for their business. We’ve gained a lot of experience over the years, and if we can use that expertise to assist others in navigating all the choices, we’re helping to collectively make the largest positive environmental impact.”

Those interested can download the “Sustainability Guide Book” here.