Image courtesy of Wicked Good Cupcakes
Wicked Good Cupcakes was started in 2010 by mother and daughter Tracey Noonan and Dani Vilagie, who started baking together in their kitchen. After the duo appeared on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank, the business took off. Now, Wicked Good Cupcakes earns millions of dollars in yearly sales.

That growth has allowed the business to franchise. In November of 2017, Wicked Good Cupcakes announced that it would begin the process of launching food truck-based franchises. It was recently revealed that Sandi Gratz-Bubb and her daughter Amber Quinn-Elliott were chosen as the first franchisees, and they will run food trucks that will deliver cupcakes to Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Fort Myers, Florida.

Sandi and Amber first learned about Wicked Good Cupcakes after seeing it on Shark Tank. Soon after, Amber ordered them for her husband’s birthday and they found a new obsession. The mother-daughter duo applied for a franchise and they were chosen out of more than 200 applicants.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to have found these delicious cupcakes and be offering them right here in our hometown,” says Sandi.

They will be a part of one of the largest cupcake brands in the world. Wicked Good Cupcakes’ signature cupcakes in jars have become a sensation and have been shipped all over the country.