The International Dairy Deli Bakery Association’s (IDDBA) popular What’s In Store Trends 2024 is to be released just in time for the New Year and the kickoff of the association’s 60th anniversary.

“This year is going to be a very special year for IDDBA and our member base. IDDBA has provided our members and industry resources to grow their business for 60 years. It only seemed fitting to kick off the new year with the digital What’s In Store, 2024- Food: the Biggest Influencer”, said Whitney Atkins, vice-president of marketing for the association.

Food the Biggest Influencer was chosen to represent how the commonality of food from day-to-day meals and nutrition to celebrations large and small influence life with family and friends.

According to Heather Prach, IDDBA’s vice president of education and industry relations, this year’s edition will feature comprehensive international reporting from our partnership with Euromonitor International and IDDBA’s new data portal, DataBytes|GlobalScope. IDDBA’s Education Team will continually provide monthly and quarterly data and trends, Prach added.

“Today’s marketplace changes and evolves at lightning speed. The way IDDBA delivers the upcoming years’ trends to our members today is quite different than during the last six decades. One thing that remains the same is that the What’s In Store resource continues to deliver our members the tools needed to grow business,” Prach commented.

In addition to the featured trends found below, the 2024 What’s In Store features a comprehensive look back at 2023, new expert selections, and will be part of the IDDBA 2024 live experience, June 9-11 in Houston, Texas.

In celebration of IDDBA’s 60th anniversary, the six Guiding Trends are:

#1 Food Influences Mind, Body, Spirit

#2 Food Influences Sourcing, Sustainability, Salary

#3 Food Influences Technology of Today and For Tomorrow

#4 Food Influences the Young, the Youngish and the Young at Heart

#5 Food Influences Community, Convenience and Cash Flow

#6 Food Influences Culture, Cuisine and Culinary Explosions