Cakes for 5 people to 500 people for weddings and quinceañeras are the specialty at Armando and Chely Cakes, one of the most popular panaderías in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“Big parties are back,” says Chely Sanchez. “We create a lot of custom cakes. People tell us they want a cake from Armando.”

Armando Sanchez has been perfecting his craft for many decades since he was a young man growing up in Tampico, Mexico., a coastal city just a few miles off the Gulf of Mexico and directly north of the state of Veracruz.

“We are known for our tres leches cakes – vanilla and chocolate cakes are top sellers,” Chely explains. “We love the icings from BakeMark. Vanilla icing is the most popular, and also chocolate and strawberry. We’re introducing cream cheese icing with strawberry or caramel.”

El Porvenir, based in Toppenish, Washington, sells a wide range of signature cakes for weddings and quinceañeras. Floral patterns are a popular style to their decorations, as their cakes are adorned often with roses in bright colors.

The bakery relies on BakeMark for all of its ingredients, including 123 White and Yellow Cake Mix and Trigal Dorado Whipped Topping.

“These quality products are important for us to offer the amazing quality that our customers love,” explains owner Miguel Angel Montiel.

Winning steps for the holidays

BakeMark recommends a variety of creative merchandising ideas to make your holiday season more profitable.

One way for bakeries to stand out during the season is to offer a selection of holiday-themed baked goods. This could include peppermint bark, yule logs, and other treats that are associated with the holiday season. By offering these items, bakeries can appeal to customers who are looking for something special to enjoy during the holidays.

Another way for bakeries to promote and sell their treats during the holiday season is to create holiday gift bundles and gift cards. These can make great gifts for friends, family, and coworkers, and can help to introduce new customers to the bakery’s products. Offer gift cards in bundles to bring back repeat customers after the holidays.

In today’s digital age, social media is a powerful tool for promoting businesses and their products. Bakeries can use social media to announce special offers and deals, such as discounts on holiday-themed baked goods or free delivery for orders over a certain amount. By regularly posting updates on social media, bakeries can keep their customers informed and generate excitement around their products.