Decorative accents like Unicorn Sprinkles and sugar flowers can help you create distinctive, show-stopping cakes, cookies and other sweet treats. This is an important asset for panaderías as you plan ahead for upcoming seasonal events and special promotions.

New Unicorn Sprinkles from BakeMark offer a colorful and creative way to elevate your cakes and sweet goods. The benefit is you can charge more for your desserts without having to add to your food costs. 

Most important, this approach enables you to help your customers enjoy “Instagrammable” moments that they are certain to share with friends and family on social media, helping spread the word about your brand. 

“Customers no longer want a product that simply tastes good,” says Stephen Chavez, technical product manager for BakeMark. “It must look good as well and become a trending moment. Businesses that cannot find themselves able to keep up with current trends and ideas will find themselves left behind. A company can either be a follower and stick to the basics or they can strive to be an influencer, set trends and lead the industry forward.”

BakeMark follows bakery innovation influencers on social media to keep its finger on the pulse, in terms of what is trending and what is possibly the next wave. This allows BakeMark to share and promote new ideas and designs on a regular basis with retail bakers, through its sales force in the field, through its website and through social media.

“We pay very close attention to what is happening in the retail bakery segment in order to stay current with modern design ideas,” Chavez says. “I envision the future of baking to be a lot more focused on flavor, quality and detail.”

Lola’s Market in Santa Rosa, California, uses decorative fruits and chocolate accents to create indulgent desserts for customers, who are increasingly from many different ethnic origins. Not only does Lola’s create traditional tres leches cakes, but the decorators also focus on cake designs that appeal to a mainstream audience. This helps the store increase sales in the cake department