Wetzel’s Pretzels is going underground in downtown Brooklyn with the opening of two locations in Atlantic Terminal. Ricky Alam, who operates 11 bakeries in Southern California and along the East Coast, including a storefront location inside the adjacent Atlantic Terminal Mall, is adding to the brand’s presence in the multi-purpose transportation hub and shopping venue.

Both new locations will be situated inside the paid zone of the adjoining train station. While most Wetzel’s locations are traditionally mall-based, the brand’s expansion in the train station enhances on-the-go snacking in Brooklyn’s busy downtown.

“Commuters coming to and going from the Atlantic Terminal will be delighted to find tasty, salty treats along their journey,” Alam says. “Atlantic Terminal is a busy train station, and Wetzel’s will be a delicious snack for people hopping on and off the train. It’s an honor to continue expanding my Wetzel’s business.”

“Ricky is a very experienced Wetzel’s operator, and we are extremely confident in him and his team’s ability to run these two new locations in Atlantic Terminal,” says Jon Fischer, chief development officer at Wetzel’s. “We’re thrilled to expand Wetzel’s in Brooklyn as we grow along the East Coast, and we look forward to adding more non-traditional locations to help people enjoy Wetzel’s wherever they are.”