The world of cake decorating is shifting toward elegance and refinement, and cake decorating specialists including Satin Ice are ushering in a new wave of product innovation built for these changing needs.

“Whether you're a professional cake artist or first-time user of Satin Ice products, our cakers and bakers community share a passion for edible creativity,” Satin Ice announces on its website. “See below how you can share your creations and engage with artists from all over the world!”

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New products are driving innovation.

For instance, a new product called Cake Drip from Satin Ice is fun and easy to use. Simply melt in the microwave, shake thoroughly, and you're ready to create stunning drip cakes or drizzle over desserts. The product is available in a variety of vibrant colors and rich neutrals in naturally flavored white or dark chocolate.

It dries quickly for a stunning drip effect and is available in eight colors, with natural dark and white chocolate flavors.

“Achieving the drip of your dreams is now easy-peasy!  No more fussing with ganache ratios or wondering if you have heavy cream on hand; simply heat-and-go with Satin Ice ready-made Cake Drips!” exclaims Courtney Armstrong-Carroll, Belly’s Bake Shop. 

Courtney Armstrong-Carroll is a trained pastry chef and founder of Belly's Bake Shop. Belly's began in 2008 and has built a steady following in the Dallas area with a reputation for unforgettable custom cakes.

Also new from Satin Ice are Melt & Mold Isomalt Nibs.

The product is “Isomalt made easy.” Simply melt Satin Ice Isomelts™ in the microwave to create fun, edible decorations for your desserts. Once melted, pour into heat proof silicone molds to create lollipops, cake toppers, and much more.

Create lollipops or molded shapes in two easy steps: melt and mold.

Perfect for pouring into molds or shaping to create unique creations. The product is gluten free, vegetarian, non-GMO, and kosher pareve. It’s easy to customize color and flavor.