Cheesecakes are riding a wave of popularity, and new types of cheesecakes are driving much higher demand.

Dessert lovers can now have the best of both worlds by indulging in a delicious combination of two iconic sweets – and there’s no need to travel. Indeed, Junior’s announced that its new OREO® Cheesecake, a partnership with Mondelez, the maker of iconic and best-selling cookies, is now on the shelves in grocery stores across the country. 

The new cheesecake blends OREO® cookies into Junior’s Original New York Style Cheesecake recipe – all baked into a crispy OREO® cookie crust and topped with an OREO® wafer, buttercream, and chocolate fudge frosting. 

“We think this cheesecake is really ‘good stuf,’” Alan Rosen, the third-generation owner of Junior’s, exclaimed, referring to one of the notable OREO® flavors. “Now lovers of both OREOs® and Junior’s cheesecakes have a newfound motivation to go to the grocery store, especially with the holidays coming up.”

Refrigerator aisles are stocked with Junior’s OREO® Cheesecake and fans from coast to coast can dunk right into the flavorful masterpiece. Depending on grocery store location, the OREO® Cheesecakes are available to consumers as 6-inch cakes, 7-inch cakes, or as “Little Fellas,” Junior’s classic miniature cheesecakes.

The following grocery stores are now home to the World’s Most Fabulous OREO® Cheesecake: Publix: 6-inch OREO® Cheesecake; Costco Texas region: 7-inch OREO® Cheesecake; Costco Northeast region: 7-inch OREO® Cheesecake; Wakefern/Shoprite: 6-inch OREO® Cheesecake & OREO® Little Fellas; Stop & Shop: 6-inch OREO® Cheesecake & OREO® Little Fellas; Target: OREO® Little Fellas; Schnuck's: 6-inch OREO® Cheesecake; Foodtown/Allegiance: 6-inch OREO® Cheesecake & OREO® Little Fellas; Super King: 6-inch OREO® Cheesecake; Key Food: 6-inch OREO® Cheesecake & OREO® Little Fellas; and C&S Independents: 6-inch OREO® Cheesecake & OREO® Little Fellas.

Flavors and new formats

Across other avenues, cheesecakes are bringing new flavor sensations in a variety of popular formats.

Three Brothers Bakery celebrated National Cheesecake Day earlier this year  with $4 cheesecake slices (normally $8.99/each). Slices have a variety of toppings, including apple, turtle fudge, cherry and more.

LA's Coolhaus announced this year's rainbow-themed novelty, the Love Out Loud Sammie, which is a take on an ice cream sandwich. Creamy cheesecake ice cream with a sweet strawberry swirl hugged by rainbow sprinkle cookies. The ice cream cookies featured hand-drawn illustrations honoring the fight for LGBTQIA+ rights. Grocers including Gelson’s and DashMarts nationwide via DoorDash.

Coolhaus donated $25,000 toward GLAAD’s culture-changing work to support LGBTQIA+ acceptance.

Earlier this year, The Cheesecake Factory expanded The Cheesecake Factory At Home® products in grocery stores, introducing two premium cheesecake flavored ice cream bars dipped in a delicious chocolatey cookie-crunch coating to create a two-in-one frozen dessert perfect for every occasion.

Inspired by The Cheesecake Factory’s Original cheesecake that started it all, the Original Cheesecake Ice Cream Bars are made with premium, rich cheesecake ice cream. The Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Bars are made with premium strawberry cheesecake ice cream with a strawberry swirl. Both flavors are dipped in a delicious chocolatey cookie-crunch coating.

“We are very happy to be introducing premium cheesecake ice cream bars in grocery stores, and can’t wait for our fans to try them,” said David Overton, founder and chief executive officer of The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated. “The cheesecake ice cream bars are a one-of-a-kind, delicious treat and we are so pleased to add them to The Cheesecake Factory At Home line of products at retail.”