Starting today, Cinnabon is launching two seasonal cold brew flavors - Peppermint Mocha and Red Velvet Mocha - for a limited time at participating bakeries. 

Peppermint Mocha Cold Brew combines cool peppermint and sweet chocolate, while Red Velvet Mocha Cold Brew, inspired by the classic red velvet cake, is a colorful, indulgent mix of chocolate and the smooth taste of cold brew.

With over 52 percent of cold coffee consumers preferring a flavored option over regular, according to Datassential, Cinnabon’s new holiday flavors are an opportunity for the brand to get in on the flavored cold brew trend.

These new cold brew flavors are Cinnabon’s latest innovations in the beverage space after the launch of its Strawberry and Passion Fruit Refreshers earlier this year. They feature fruit puree and hints of vanilla for a blend of sweet and citrus.