Online candy retailer recently compiled data to find out candy eating habits in the US. The company looked at over 16 years of sales data to determine the best-selling candy in each state.

The results are reflected in the interactive map below. More information on the state-by-state findings can be found at the company’s website.


According to’s data, America’s top ten Halloween candies are:

  1. Reese’s Cups
  2. M&M’s
  3. Hot Tamales
  4. Skittles
  5. Sour Patch Kids
  6. Starburst
  7. Hershey’s Kisses
  8. Candy corn
  9. Hershey Mini Bars
  10. Snickers reports that 172 million Americans celebrate Halloween, 32 percent of Halloween purchases will be made online, 96 percent of those celebrating Halloween will purchase candy, and the average Halloween purchase is $31.93.