EQUII, an innovative high complete protein and low carb bread company, has announced Tartine Bakery founder Chad Robertson as an EQUII ambassador. Roberton will be collaborating closely with the EQUII team, including EQUII co-founder Chef Sebastien Canonne M.O.F., to develop exciting new bread products utilizing EQUII’s high protein and low carb baking mix.

As the founder of Tartine Bakery, Robertson has redefined breadmaking, setting new standards for artisanal bread that marries traditional craftsmanship with innovative techniques. He has authored several books on his baking technique that have inspired countless bakers worldwide.

“For 25 years, I’ve been a passionate advocate for bread, recognizing its central role in the tapestry of civilizations around the world. With EQUII, we’re rewriting the story of bread, offering a transformative blend of deliciousness and nutrition,” Robertson says. “The future of bread is something I think about every day, and EQUII has captured my imagination with endless possibilities. As an avid bread lover, I now incorporate EQUII into my baking regimen 2 or 3 times a week simply because it’s what I crave. This deep connection is why I chose to partner with EQUII.”

EQUII breads provide ten grams of complete protein per slice while still being low in carbs, a distinction that sets them apart from other breads on the market. Each slice contains all nine essential amino acids required by the body.

As part of his ambassadorship with EQUII, Robertson will work on new products using EQUII’s hallmark baking mix, that will continue to showcase the versatility and health-conscious choice of our EQUII yeast protein.

“Chad Robertson’s partnership with EQUII is more than a culinary collaboration; it’s the union of two visionaries passionate about bread’s rich heritage and limitless potential,” says Chef Sebastien Canone, co-founder of EQUII. “His 25 years of dedication to the craft, combined with EQUII’s innovative approach to redefining bread, creates an electrifying synergy. We’re honored to have Chad on board, and his presence at EQUII is immeasurable, ushering in a new era in the world of bread.”

“Chad Robertson has established a rich Sourdough culture globally and inspired generations of DIY bakers. His work with EQUII is the highest endorsement of an ingredient that has the power to redefine baking. We could not be more proud,” says Baljit Ghotra and Monica Bathia, co-founders of EQUII.