Wetzel’s Pretzels and Macy’s have teamed up to open two new Wetzel’s bakeries within Macy’s at the iconic Union Square in San Francisco.

“Like many, I have fond memories of enjoying soft pretzels with my son. It’s a signature experience when out shopping, and this innovative partnership makes it even more accessible to get a snack on-the-go,” says Ben Elias, who owns and operates both Wetzel’s at Macy’s Union Square. “We’ve felt such an immense amount of support from the Wetzel’s team and are eagerly anticipating all the joyful moments the bakery will create.”

The bakery at Macy’s Union Square highlights the flexibility of the Wetzel’s concept, scaling to fit into a variety of spaces, from kiosk to streetside locations. Wetzel’s current locations within select Macy’s stores have successfully fueled its expansion into new locations nationwide.  

“We’ve received an overwhelmingly positive response with our locations within Macy’s stores. Our growth strategy is focused on expanding the ways people can access our products, bringing more speed and convenience to meet guests where they live, work and play,” says Jon Fischer, head of development at Wetzel’s. “This expansion into Macy’s Union Square signifies the strength of our brand’s innovative spirit and we’re thrilled to be launching in even more Macy’s locations over the coming months.”