Attending to often-overlooked details like specific gravity and batter temperatures is crucial, according to Dan Moats, master baker at Stratas. Proper aeration during mixing is really important.

“Many bakers I meet boast that they have an incredible product, but we often find tunnels in the crumb during a cutting,” Mott says. “Even some professionals don't realize that this creates uneven grain and toughness. Additionally, maintaining optimal batter temperatures is key for leavening systems, particularly when working with temperature-sensitive double-acting baking powder. Besides affecting leavening timing, proper temperatures aid batter aeration during mixing, potentially reducing mix times to achieve the desired specific gravity. It's all connected.”

Many bakeries are using mixes requiring the addition of oil, Moats explains. “Our Nutex (emulsified cake oil) is a great product to help increase perceived moisture and assist with moisture retention.  This means longer shelf life, however, be careful about excessive moisture in the cakes.  There is a line where the final product can become mushy.  We want to keep the integrity of the crumb intact while offering a moist delightful cake that has a good shelf life.”

High-impact flavor is important, the correct oil/ shortenings really help with the flavor delivery in terms of how our mouth processes the flavors, he adds. A shortening with a high melting point or heavy vegetable notes can throw these desired flavor notes off.