Crumbl Cookies has announced that the playful hue of its Pink Sugar cookie is now an official color in Pantone’s palette. The cookie bakery chain recently partnered with Pantone Color Institute to create Crumbl Pink, a sugary pink tone that embodies the warm, inviting smell of freshly baked cookies.

Crumbl’s recognizable and vibrant pink color was inspired by a Pink Cadillac owned by Crumbl CBO Sawyer Hemsley’s childhood neighbor. The attention the car garnered fascinated Sawyer, ultimately influencing Crumbl’s captivating and recognizable Pink Boxes.

“Growing up, I had a family friend with a pink Cadillac,” Hemsley says. “This car’s eye-catching pink drew everyone’s attention, and it felt so iconic. When Crumbl was getting started, Jason and I were figuring out how we wanted to brand the company, and the Pink Cadillac immediately came to mind. This color stuck with me for many years, and I knew it would stick with our customers. It was a color that was fun, inviting, and energetic.”

Crumbl was founded in 2017 in Logan, Utah by Jason McGowan and Sawyer Hemsley. In just five years, it has grown to over 890 locations across all 50 US states, Puerto Rico and Canada.