Crumbl Cookies has announced that its Pink Sugar cookie will be leaving the weekly rotating menu as a staple.

Since September 2017, Pink Sugar has been a constant on the bakery chain’s weekly flavor lineup. During that time, over 18 million Pink Sugar cookies were enjoyed by fans across the country. Crumbl stores made nearly 1,250 Pink Sugar cookies weekly.

The weekly rotating menu will now feature five specialty cookies instead of the usual four, with the possibility of the sugar cookie coming back to be one of those five featured cookies in the future.

The cookie will officially leave the weekly menu on Saturday, April 23. A memorial service will take place on Crumbl Cookies’ Instagram Live on Friday, April 22 at 11 am MST. Crumbl invites all Pink Sugar fans to be in virtual attendance, and in the meantime, grieving Crumbl fans can call the Pink Sugar memorial hotline at 833-505-PINK.