Last year at the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) in Las Vegas, ingredient premix specialist Texture Maker introduced its innovative mochi baking mix brand Chewco. It features bakery products with a satisfying chewy texture, formulated with Texture Maker’s signature Taiwanese rice blend. This launch aimed to help baking professionals provide richer sensory snacking experiences to their customers.

Now, the company is preparing to debut its collection of baking mixes in the European market by showcasing them alongside brand new KaaS services at the upcoming IBA trade show in Munich, Germany, taking place October 22-26.

Chewco offers a unique range of baking mixes that harness a one-of-a-kind stretchy and squishy texture. Mochi waffles, mochi donuts, mochi bread and mochi puffs are just some of the options available with Chewco mixes.

Throughout Europe, the appeal of Asian-inspired delicacies like bubble waffles, mochi ice cream and taiyaki has soared. A key driver behind this trend is the growing popularity of bubble tea shops, which are strategically incorporating dessert pairings to complement their beverages.

Chewco mixes also offer freeze-stability and are designed to meet mass-production requirements, which makes them an ideal choice for industrial bakery production. To further demonstrate this application, Texture Maker has teamed up with food machinery leader Rheon to craft three original recipes using the Dessert Bite Mix with its line of filling machines:

  • Choco-Berry Mochi Trio with Rheon KN135 – Featuring layers of chocolate cake, mochi and strawberry jam
  • Mango Mochi Bread with Rheon AN551 – A mochi-filled soft bread with a rich mango flavor
  • Cheese Mochi Bite with Rheon KN500 – Mini pastries filled with a combination of cream cheese and mochi, and topped with crispy parmesan

These creations will be showcased during the IBA trade show, offering attendees an exclusive glimpse into the many possibilities of combining Chewco mixes with different types of food processing machinery.

Chewco will introduce an innovative Augmented Reality (AR) professional baking training platform at the show, aimed at enhancing customer experience and support.