Ingredient premix specialist Texture Maker is currently showcasing its innovative mochi baking mix brand Chewco in partnership with Belshaw Adamatic at the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) in Las Vegas.

Chewco features bakery products with a satisfying chewy texture, formulated with Texture Maker’s signature Taiwanese rice blend. This new launch aims to help baking professionals provide richer sensory snacking experiences to their customers.

“Nowadays, consumers are simultaneously seeking comfort through indulgent treats and looking to try something new,” says Tammy Liu, vice president of Texture Maker. “With an exciting twist on familiar products, Chewco meets both needs.”

The brand will continuously develop new products with its characteristic rice-based ingredients and implements other promising ingredients for gluten-free applications, such as millet and cassava flour. To satisfy the growing demand for more ethical snacking options, Chewco will also provide plant-based options that do not require the addition of eggs or milk.

“The time when specialty baking was associated with bland and boring food is long gone. We put a lot of effort into developing specialty mixes that still deliver on taste and bring joy to people,” Liu says.

The Chewco product portfolio is divided into 4 lines: Original, Vegan, Gluten-free and Select. The Select line regroups the brand’s most unique products such as its Konjac crystal boba and Mini Q, small bakeable mochi cubes that can be added to ice cream, cakes, pastries, smoothies or yogurt toppings.

Chewco can be found at IBIE 2022 at booth number 6378. The brand partnered with leading donut-making equipment manufacturer Belshaw Adamatic and developed a special formula for its latest Robot V series. Using a krinkle plunger, the robot will produce mini-mochi donuts, a first for the US. This collaboration will be a world premiere at Chewco’s booth during the expo, where the team will bake fresh mini-mochi donuts and mochi loukoumades, a chewy twist on the Greek delicacy. Both treats are available in vegan and gluten-free versions.

During IBIE, Chewco is presenting the mochi donuts in a smart sampling machine from tech start-up iMvending. A touchscreen allows visitors to select the flavor of their choice, such as taro, honey lemon, boba, matcha strawberry and a couple of exclusive flavors. Chewco and iMvending is developing feedback collection tools that will allow baking professionals to provide products that precisely match the tastes and preferences of their customers.

“We want to go beyond innovative product formulation,” Liu says. “With Chewco, our customers will benefit from a variety of digital services.”

“We’re pleased Texture Maker chose to exhibit at IBIE 2022 as we continue to provide a unique forum for the baking professionals to exchange ideas, do business, and propel the industry forward. IBIE is unlike any other event and it only happens every three years,” says Dennis Gunnell, Chair of IBIE 2022. “Between the innovation on the show floor, dynamic demonstrations, comprehensive IBIEducate program and opportunities to conduct business with colleagues from more than 100 countries, IBIE brings it all together in Las Vegas.”