Brooklyn, NY-based Junior’s Restaurant & Bakery joined forces with Mondelez International, Chicago, to offer consumers the best of both worlds. Milk’s favorite cookie and Junior’s cheesecake combined to create a co-branded retail Oreo cheesecake. The announcement was made at this year’s International Dairy Deli Bakery Association annual conference in Anaheim, Calif.

“Talk about ‘double stuf,’ ” said Alan Rosen, third generation Rosen family owner of Junior’s. “We’re so honored that Mondelez chose Junior’s for a co-branded retail Oreo cheesecake. It’s a marriage made in food lover’s heaven.”

This new iconic food duo blends Junior’s original New York style cheesecake recipe with pieces of Oreo cookie. The cheesecake features an all-baked Oreo crust and is topped with the classic cookie.

“We are so excited to partner the iconic brand Oreo with Junior’s Cheesecake, such a well-known and well-loved brand from New York City,” said Melissa Renny, senior licensing director at Mondelez International.

When Founder Harry Rosen opened Junior’s Restaurant and Bakery in Brooklyn in 1950, he knew to be the best you must serve the best cheesecake. From its inception, Junior’s has striven to do just that. Harry Rosen and Master Baker Eigel Petersen conducted laboratory-like experiments in the family-owned bakery at Junior’s until landing on the final cheesecake formulation. The same recipe created so many years ago remains at the forefront of Junior’s cheesecake today with premium ingredients like fresh cream, eggs, vanilla, fruits and homemade purees. Nearly 73 years later, Junior’s is still delivering its original cheesecake and its many varieties to restaurants, retailers and hotels around New York as well as other markets. Today, Harry Rosen’s vision and dream carry on with his grandson Alan Rosen at the helm.

After collaborating for more than a year, the two companies are excited to share their creation with consumers nationwide. Junior’s is continually creating new varieties and limited-edition flavors, but this is the first time the cheesecake manufacturer has partnered with another company to create a co-branded product. Junior’s Oreo Cheesecake will be available in the traditional 6-inch size as well as Junior’s Little Fella 4-oz individual size cheesecake. The 6-inch cheesecake will be topped with a 3-inch Oreo wafer and the Little Fellas will have a traditional size Oreo cookie on top.

This fall the new cheesecake flavor will be available at all Junior’s Restaurant & Bakery locations, including the landmark site in Brooklyn along with stores in Manhattan and Queens, NY, and Connecticut. Consumers can also find it in all retail markets where Junior’s is sold, including Shoprite, Costco, Stop & Shop, Publix, Target, Schnuck’s, Foodtown/Allegiance, Kings & Balducci’s and others. The cheesecake will also be available for mail order through the company’s website at