Based in Portland, Oregon, Pine State Biscuits began as a brainchild centered around the quest for the perfect, buttery, flaky, homemade biscuit. Kevin Atchley, Walt Alexander, and Brian Snyder knew biscuits all too well from growing up in North Carolina, but having relocated to Portland, they craved the down­home­ cooking they knew from childhood. So, they banded together and decided to bring the Southeast to the Northwest.

After several months of trials, tests, and “biscuit tasting parties” they settled on a single recipe. The only void left to fill was to share their creation with the public. The Portland Farmer’s Market proved to be the perfect setting, and in May of 2006, Pine State Biscuits began serving their unique version of regionally inspired southern cuisine to throngs of Portlanders.

Their creation caught fire, and by the end of the first market season, Pine State Biscuits had a loyal following of eager customers waiting in lines 30 ­deep to get their hands on steaming biscuits, mouth­watering sausage gravy, and tender buttermilk breaded chicken. During the success of the second season at the farmer’s market, the boys of Pine State could read the writing on the wall: It was time to bump their concept to the next level.

Today, the bakery café specializes in unique menu items like The Reggie, a delectable biscuit sandwich featuring fried chicken, bacon and cheese, topped with gravy.

Other featured menu items include Pine Street’s rotating monthly flavor of pop tarts, or biscuit beignets made with cinnamon sugar and powdered sugar.

Following two years of astonishing success at the Belmont shop, in July 2010, Pine State opened its doors on N.E. Alberta Street, doubling the space of the flagship store and bringing biscuits and southern cuisine to an entirely new neighborhood. With both locations serving up biscuits to Portlanders, Pine State continues to grow, with requests for store locations coming in from across the globe.