Earlier this year, Guittard Chocolate Company announced its dairy-free kosher pareve processing capabilities and its new dairy-free product line, which included three retail baking chips—Semisweet Chocolate Chips, Extra Dark Chocolate Chips, Akoma Organic Extra Semisweet Chocolate Chips—as well as dairy-free kosher pareve options within the company’s industrial line.

These newly dairy-free retail products are now officially available for industrial purchase, and will be on shelves for consumer purchase beginning October 1. All will be produced on the company’s dedicated dairy-free line at their Fairfield, California facility with the aim of providing consumers with safety and choice in their chocolate.

“Guittard is already beloved for its high-quality baking staples, and shifting some of our most requested products to dairy-free will continue to bolster trust and usability with allergen-conscious consumers,” says Gary Guittard, chief executive officer of Guittard Chocolate Company. The introduction of these products expands diverse benefits for consumers, industrial customers and professionals looking for allergen-friendly and kosher pareve options.”

Guittard’s Fairfield facility, which opened in 2001, allows the company a dedicated production line that is kosher pareve and free of 14 major food allergens, including dairy, enabling greater flexibility in fulfilling the demand of modern consumers and the needs of industrial customers. The Fairfield facility expanded Guittard’s production beyond their original Burlingame facility, which is peanut-free, tree nut-free, and gluten-free.

In addition to the dairy-free products launching in national retail stores, consumers will also be able to purchase these products at Guittard’s website, where they can also find a slew of new allergen-friendly dedicated recipes ahead of the upcoming holiday season.