Barry Callebaut reveals its latest expansion with ruby chocolate, unlocking new segments of bakery and snacks with the ruby baking chocolate chip to its North American portfolio. The ruby chip will fall into the premium category of Barry Callebaut’s comprehensive Intense Indulgence solutions portfolio, which represents the attitude of customers who are dedicated to enjoying life to the fullest and seeking products that are a feast for the eyes and taste buds.

Barry Callebaut’s continuous expansion and innovation with ruby notes its commitment to the premium and flavor-forward product range. This sends a strong signal to the industry and its customers of Barry Callebaut’s long-standing enthusiasm for ruby chocolate and ensuring there are a range of solutions to meet all customer segments including confectionery, ice cream and now, bakery and snacks.

“Ruby Chocolate continues to set Barry Callebaut apart as a leading innovator in the confectionery industry,” says Barry Callebaut’s president & chief executive officer Americas Steve Woolley. “We are excited to enter the baking and snack segments with our North American rollout of the ruby chocolate chip and continue expanding our Intense Indulgence portfolio to bring unique and unprecedented products to our customers.“

Ruby chocolate, which had been in the making for more than 10 years prior to its debut in 2017, is one of the biggest breakthroughs in the confectionery industry in decades. Ruby is an intense sensorial delight with the unique combination of berry fruitiness and luscious smoothness.

The precursors of the fresh berry fruitiness and color tone are naturally present in the ruby cocoa beans. With no color or flavor added, the bean, in combination with the unique processing, unlocks the flavor and color naturally present in ruby. Ruby cocoa beans are 100% sustainably sourced and are Cocoa Horizons certified, which works directly with farmer groups, supporting their training and empowering farmers to excel in their craft. It is very exciting that the journey of ruby continues for Barry Callebaut with the next step, unlocking ruby for the bakery and snack segments.

“Ruby Chocolate broke the mold in 2017 and we are proud to continue to champion this unparalleled chocolate,” said Laura Bergan, director of brand marketing at Barry Callebaut. “We are thrilled to partner with food manufacturers from across North America to distribute the ruby chocolate chip and introduce a new audience to this delicious innovation.”

Food manufacturers will be able to expand their new product offerings by leveraging Barry Callebaut’s ruby chocolate portfolio, now including the chocolate baking chip. Barry Callebaut has invested decades creating and crafting a full range of premium solutions with a focus on intense indulgence which consumers are demanding in the marketplace.

The ruby baking chip is being launched as a key product solution within Barry Callebaut’s Intense Indulgence campaign. Comprised of a bakery and confectionery chapter, the campaign features products that meet customers' demand for multisensorial and indulgent experiences. The availability of ruby baking chip rounds out the Indulgence’s other solutions including butterscotch chips, marshmallow chips, lemon chips, and the caramel aura baking chips.