IHOP is launching Pancake Tacos, a series of sweet and savory flavor mashups, nationwide.

The limited-time offerings were developed following the successful test run of IHOP’s Choco-Pancake, a breakfast twist on the Choco Taco, in 2022. Available in strawberry cheesecake, caramel banana, and country chicken and gravy varieties, the tacos will be featured on menus through July 30.

"As the leader in breakfast, we were inspired to expand the Pancake Taco concept following IHOP’s ‘Choco-Pancake’ cultural innovation from last summer,” said Arthur Carl II, vice president of culinary at IHOP. “We didn’t want to simply redo that item, but rather bring to life a dish that leverages our best-selling pancakes in an innovative way that is both fun and different to deliver guests a unique dining experience. These handheld pancake creations lean into our breakfast equity while giving everyone a choice on sweet or savory — or both — to enjoy during all dayparts.”

Customers may find IHOP’s Pancake Tacos now at participating locations for $6.99 per order.