Sunnyland Mills, a maker of whole grain bulgur wheat, has expanded its product range with the introduction of high-fiber bulgur. According to Sunnyland Mills, high-fiber bulgur contains nearly three times the fiber found in traditional bulgur and features prebiotic starch for gut health.

The product is a collaboration with Quincy, Mass.-based Bay State Milling and uses their proprietary HealthSense wheat.

Sunnyland Mills said high-fiber bulgur is manufactured by triple cleaning, parboiling, drying, cracking and sifting the grains to uniform particle sizes into No. 1 Fine and No. 3 Coarse grinds. The product has no preservatives or additives and is vegan, 100% whole grain, kosher and non-GMO. High-fiber bulgur may be used as an ingredient in pilafs, cold salads, bread, frozen side dishes and soups, the company said.

“We are very excited to bring this one-of-a-kind product to market,” said Mike Orlando, chairman of Sunnyland Mills. “Our new high-fiber bulgur is a collaboration with Bay State Milling and fulfills a need for more fiber in American’s diet.”

Sunnyland Mills’ portfolio also includes 100% whole grain traditional bulgur wheat in five different grind sizes. The company claims to be the only organic bulgur producer in North America.

Founded in 1935 by brothers George and Jivon Perch, Sunnyland was purchased in 1976 by two more brothers, Carl and John Orlando. In 1995, the third set of brothers, Mike and Steve Orlando, purchased the company.

Sunnyland Mills began as the Sunnyland Bulghur Co. with whole white wheat cooked in large iron pots over an open flame and then dried in the hot summer sun.