Cabosse Naturals has launched cacaofruit powder, an ingredient that may replace refined sugar in food manufacturing.

Cacaofruit powder joins the company’s line of cacaofruit products, which range from cacaofruit pulp, juice, and concentrate.

The powder will enable consumers to experience a new taste and texture in confectionery and ice cream, according to the company.

Cacaofruit contains pulp, which surrounds the fruit’s seeds, or beans, which are then harvested and may be used to create chocolate, according to the company. Cacaofruit powder is derived from the pulp and is then blended as cocoa.

“This new powder brings the characteristic fresh fruitiness of the cacaofruit pulp to new creations, and, thanks to its fruity taste and natural sweetness, it can replace refined sugar in fat-based fillings in confectionery and ice cream,” said William Angleys, sales director at Cabosse Naturals. “It also brings a lovely taste and it is upcycled.”