Café Valley will debut its new line of 12-count and 24-count Mini Cupcake assortments at the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA) show in Anaheim, California, June 4-6 at booth #1509. Available in a variety of flavors, the new Everyday Mini Cupcakes and Seasonal Mini Cupcakes will be sold at select grocers nationwide beginning in July.

“This is truly an exciting time to be in the bakery business. These new cupcakes further expand our leadership position in bakery, broadens Café Valley’s business platform, and helps us continue to deliver high quality products and services,” says Brian Owens, Chief Executive Officer of Café Valley. “Mini iced cupcakes are a core offering in many retailers across the country and drive significant excitement to the in-store bakery category through innovation and multiple seasonal offerings.”

Everyday Mini Cupcakes are available yearlong in vanilla, chocolate, cookies and crème and red velvet flavors in 12-count packages. Additionally, a 24-count pack of chocolate and vanilla checkerboard cupcakes is available.

The seasonal lineup of Mini Cupcake assortments includes Valentine’s Day (vanilla or chocolate cupcakes topped with pink, white or chocolate icing and sprinkles), St. Patrick’s Day (vanilla cupcakes topped with vanilla and green icing and sprinkles), Spring (vanilla or chocolate cupcakes topped with purple and gold or rose pink and gold icing with sprinkles), Patriotic (vanilla or chocolate cupcakes with white and blue icing topped with sprinkles), Fall (vanilla or chocolate cupcakes topped with yellow and orange icing and sprinkles), and Christmas (vanilla or chocolate cupcakes topped with white and green icing and sprinkles).

Un-iced vanilla and chocolate cupcake options are also available. In addition to cupcakes, Café Valley offers croissants, muffins, Bundt cakes, mini Bundt cakes, ring cakes, turnovers and coffee cake bites.