Leading bakery distributor Dawn Foods has announced the launch of its new Majestic Gingerbread Cake Donut Mix for the 2023 holiday season. The new mix offers bakery and donut shop customers an easy way to spice up seasonal sales with a favorite consumer flavor.

The new mix features a blend of warm spices that includes cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and allspice. According to a 2023 Datassentials Seasonality Report, gingerbread is the second most popular seasonal winter breakfast pastry flavor and is at least ten times more likely to be on the menu during winter months.

Majestic Gingerbread Cake Donut Mix is designed to simplify the process of creating gingerbread donuts. Dawn is encouraging bakers to speak with their US and Canada sales representatives to express interest in pre-booking the mix before June 1. Limited quantities will be available for order in October.

“Dawn wants to make the hectic holiday time for bakers a little easier by offering a top consumer-trending flavor donut mix that adds a festive touch to their holiday menus,” says Allison Hornev, director of portfolio innovation at Dawn Foods. “By pre-booking orders for the mix, our customers can mark one more thing off their to-do lists and focus on other tasks that need their attention. Our Gingerbread donut mix is a simple solution that helps make the season a little less stressful.”