Chewy candy brand HI-CHEW is collaborating with Dana’s Bakery, a New York-based bakery specializing in French macarons, to create a one-of-a-kind dessert just in time for the holidays. The HI-CHEW Juicy Blood Orange Cranberry Mookie is inspired by one of the candy brand’s latest flavor offerings: HI-CHEW Juicy Blood Orange, which debuted in the Infrusions Orchard Mix earlier this year.

From Tuesday, November 22 to Friday, December 30, the HI-CHEW Juicy Blood Orange Cranberry Mookie will be available for purchase nationwide for $28 (5 cookies per box) at Dana’s Bakery’s website.

The limited-edition item is influenced by flavors of the holidays and the double layer technology of HI-CHEW’s signature chewlet. The outer layer cookie is reminiscent of a homemade sugar cookie with bursts of cranberry flavor. The inner layer of the Mookie provides a surprise in the form of a rich and tangy HI-CHEW Juicy Blood Orange macaron. The HI-CHEW Juicy Blood Orange chewlet is infused into the batter and the buttercream filling.

“HI-CHEW is always looking for unique collaborations that bring vibrant, fruit-forward flavors to life in a unique and exciting way,” says Teruhiro Kawabe, president and chief executive officer of Morinaga America, Inc. “We are thrilled to partner with Dana's Bakery to infuse our HI-CHEW Juicy Blood Orange flavor into a delicious, layered treat that truly mimics our chewlets and welcomes the holiday season.”

“I am a big HI-CHEW fan and was thrilled by the opportunity to create a custom Mookie inspired by one of their latest flavors for the holidays,” says Dana Pollack, founder and chief executive officer of Dana’s Bakery. “The HI-CHEW Juicy Blood Orange Cranberry Mookie is an ideal gift for any foodie on your list and is a delightful treat for all ages to indulge in this season.”