To celebrate National Avocado Day on Sunday, July 31, New York City’s The Doughnut Project has partnered with Mexican restaurant Rosa Mexicano for the Chips 'n Dip Doughnut.

Inspired by the popular combination of chips and guacamole, this limited-edition treat consists of an old-fashioned corn cake, lime glaze, avocado mousse ring, pineapple pico de gallo and tortilla chips as a garnish. This unique dessert is available for the price of $6.50 from July 29-31 only, all weekend long at The Doughnut Project West Village, as well as Rosa Mexicano Union Square and Lincoln Center.

To help avocado fans celebrate the day even further, Rosa Mexicano’s vice president of culinary Chef Manuel Trevino (who’s also the mastermind behind the avocado doughnut) has shared some of his best tips, tricks and recipes for preparing avocado dishes.

Among his tips:

  • Buy avocados with the stem piece intact. Look under the stem when ready to use an avocado – if it is bright green underneath, then it’s ready to go. if it’s brown, then your avocado is overripe and will be brown on the inside.  
  • To speed up the ripening process, place avocados in a bag with an apple or banana – the ethylene gas these fruits emit helps ripen the avocados faster.
  • Brush cut avocado halves with olive oil to keep them from browning. This works better than lemon juice.
  • Don’t judge the ripeness of an avocado by the collar of its skin as different varieties ripen their own unique color levels.