Nabisco Co., a subsidiary of Mondelez International, is debuting Oreo Thinvites in collaboration with Microsoft 365. After signing up online, consumers will receive an email invitation to a Thinvite meeting, which will block out 2:00-2:15 pm ET on calendars from Tuesday, Nov. 1 through Thursday, Nov. 3. Participants are encouraged to use this 15-minute break to snack on Oreo Thins and watch a linked Microsoft Teams video called “Return to the Pawfice,” which features puppies in an office.

Also available as part of the collaboration is a limited-edition Oreo Thins snack pack featuring the retired Microsoft mascot, Clippy, a tool called “Clippy Dippy” to dunk cookies with and branded Oreo emojis available to use in Microsoft Teams.

“Oreo Thins Cookies have always been the perfect cookie for adults, and we’re teaming up with Microsoft 365 to solve an issue aggravating adults everywhere — the decline of the workday snack break,” said Sky Thompson, brand manager, Oreo. “We are not only giving our fans permission to take that break, we are going a step further to create a calendar hold, called Oreo Thinvite, that frees 15 minutes of time in their day. In true Oreo fashion, we will stream playful content during the Thinvite sessions — and we’re hoping this inspires our fans to schedule designated snack times on their calendars for weeks and months to come.”

The Oreo Thins Snack Break Expansion Cookie Packs contain six snack-sized packs each containing four Oreo Thins. The expansion packs are available for free to customers who sign up for the virtual Thinvite and pay $3.95 for shipping and handling.