French-Asian bakery café chain TOUS les JOURS has announced several key performance results achieved in the first half of the year. Compared to the prior-year period, Q2 2022 same store sales increased 17.2 percent, while Q2 total system sales stood at nearly $30 million – a jump of 31.9 percent from Q2 last year.

“TOUS les JOURS is the first Korean bakery franchise to enter the highly competitive US market in 2004, and we achieved a successful turnaround in 2018, which continues today with the tremendous momentum the brand experienced in the first half of 2022 – a testament to the hard work and dedication of our loyal franchisees and corporate team,” says Tony Hunsoo Ahn, chief executive officer of TOUS les JOURS USA. “Working in lockstep with motivated local franchisees, and never losing sight of ways to boost the appeal of our products and improve our business model, we are continuing to grow sales and bring TOUS les JOURS to new markets across the country.”

With the opening of its 100th location and the debut of a new corporate flagship store on the horizon in 2023, TOUS les JOURS continues to ramp up development activities in 2022 and expand its footprint in states where it has not previously operated. In the second quarter of this year, TOUS les JOURS opened five new locations, which included first-time state entries in Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Nebraska. TOUS les JOURS signed 41 franchise development agreements in the first half of 2022 that will soon bring the beloved bakery chain to other first-time markets, including Utah, Ohio, Minnesota, Nevada, Indiana, Alabama and more.

“Our current footprint includes 78 locations across 20 states, and we are eager and determined to continue accelerating our growth and soon reach our 100-store milestone in the U.S.,” says Sam Hong, business development manager. “As the popularity of the bakery segment grows in this country, TOUS les JOURS aims to be as admired and beloved in the United States as we are in South Korea, and we believe we are on our way.”