The Hunger Gamesis expected to be one of the spring’s hottest movies when it comes out in movie theaters in the US on March 23. Eleni’s Cookies in New York City is ready with a new set of iced and decorated sugar cookies based on the movie.

Eleni’s has introduced Hunger Games cookies in three options for online ordering: Down with the Capitol Gift Box (16 decorated cookies for $75), Girl on Fire Party Favor ($12 per cookie) and Mockingjay Party Favor ($9.95 per cookie).

The award-winning retail bakery promotes the new cookies on its website ( “Join Katniss, Gale and Peeta in their quest to survive the Games. One thing’s for sure: you’d never find delicacies like this in District 12.”

Set in a dark vision of the near future, The Hunger Games is billed as a terrifying reality TV show in which 12 boys and 12 girls are forced to appear in a live challenge event.