Cincinnati’s Busken Bakery and Hebron, KY-based GALERIE, an innovative confectionery gift company, are partnering to offer Busken Bakery’s signature Original Iced Cookies to 3,200 Walmart stores across the United States.

GALERIE approached Busken Bakery in May 2011 with the initial concept to offer an unbranded version of their Original Iced Cookie to Walmart stores nationwide. The first order comprised of Valentine’s Day heart-shaped cookies in both red and pink icing – with phrases such as “KISS ME” and “LUV U” stamped on each cookie. The private label packaging adorns a small heart, which proudly states “Baked in the USA.” Additional packaging messaging includes “Bakery Fresh Sugar Cookie” and “Soft & Crumbly Goodness!”

The cookies arrived in Walmart stores in early January and will be available while supplies last. The cookie is formulated from the original Busken Bakery recipe, with no added preservatives. In the baking industry, it is a rare occurrence to see stamped messaging on a bakery cookie. Consequently, each cookie had to be hand-stamped, one cookie at a time.

The partnership has combined the strengths of both brands, using Busken Bakery’s signature cookie recipe under the GALERIE product line. The process of combining Busken’s baking expertise and GALERIE’s innovative approach to package design allowed for expanded distribution, which required months of planning, rounds of taste testing, and finally, consulting by food scientists.

“This opportunity to partner with GALERIE served as a conservative and safe way for Busken Bakery to introduce one of our best known products to the national retail market,” commented Busken Bakery CEO, Dan Busken,

With Easter only months away, Walmart has placed another substantial order with Busken Bakery’s popular bunny face cookie. Production began on this order last December, with an anticipated rollout in mid February. This cookie will be adorned with bold bunny faces outlined in black, which are also applied the old fashioned way, by hand.

GALERIE offers retail partnerships with Walmart, Dillard’s, Target, Rite Aid, Kmart, Cracker Barrel, Lord & Taylor, Dylan’s Candy Bar, Saks Fifth Avenue, Rite Aid, Safeway, CVS, and Toys R Us. Located in a 270,000 sq-ft corporate headquarters, GALERIE is located near the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. The candy/novelty operation houses a design department, production area, distribution center and outlet store.