The Underground Donut Tour, a celebration of the best donuts a city has to offer, continues to grow. It has announced an expansion to Brooklyn, New York, now making eight cities across the country offering the tour.

Walking between four of the best donut shops in Brooklyn, guests will learn the history of each location, local sights and history along the route including Williamsburg, McCarren Park, Greenpoint and many other sights along the way. Most importantly though, they’ll receive plenty of samples of the best donuts at each donut shop location, which will include Doughnut Plant and Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop with two other secret locations they’ll only learn about on the tour.

“The Brooklyn donut scene is so amazing,” says Jeff Woelker, founder of the Underground Donut Tour. “Our only wish is that we would have started this tour earlier. With the success we’ve had in Manhattan, it only makes sense to expand out into the boroughs.”

“We can’t wait to show guests around Brooklyn,” says Jenny Saldana, tour manager for the Underground Donut Tour New York. “These shops are so iconic and really part of the fabric of the neighborhood. You’re going to love all the donuts we have lined up!”

Tours will start on Saturday, December 18 and run year-round. Tours run every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9-11 am and 2-4 pm with more days coming soon. Tickets are $40 for adults and $20 for kids 10 and under.