The Underground Donut Tour announced on Monday, April 4 that it will be expanding to New Orleans, Louisiana. The tour has been running for nearly 7 years in cities across the country, including Chicago, Philadelphia, New York City, Portland, Seattle, Boston and Nashville, and is now adding New Orleans to the roster.

“New Orleans is home to some of the best food, culture, nightlife, beignets and donuts in the country. How could we not add it to our roster?” says Jeff Woelker, founder of the Underground Donut Tour. “Our team visited New Orleans just prior to COVID-19 and we were planning on opening this location in 2020, but those plans got postponed with everything going on. Thankfully, it looks like things are opening back up and we’re ready to welcome both locals and tourists alike to come and join us for a donut and beignet celebration!”

Starting April 15, guests will walk between 4 of the best donut and beignet shops in New Orleans, experiencing the history of each location, along with many local sights, sounds, and history of Magazine Street and the Garden District, but most importantly, samples of the best donuts and beignets at each location. Some of the locations include District Donuts and The Vintage with two other secret locations guests will learn about on the tour.

“I can’t wait to share the history of Magazine Street and the Garden District along with meeting many amazing guests. And how can I forget eating some fantastic donuts and beignets along the way?” says Jenn Johnson, tour manager for the Underground Donut Tour New Orleans.