This fall, the American Egg Board is looking to reignite the spark in the kitchen for home bakers with new autumnal dishes for the whole family.

"Even in the spookiest season, there is nothing to fear about fall baking. Mastering new techniques can be as simple as trying out a new kitchen tool, a new process for elevating a dish, or the addition of a reliable, beloved essential like the egg to a favorite recipe," said Sue Coyle, director of integrated marketing at the American Egg Board. "Eggs are the essential ingredient to all of your fall baking needs, because they provide the functional firepower to take your dishes from good to great."

Four festive fall recipes to get bakers started:

"If you're looking for a new recipe to impress family and friends this fall, don't shy away from one that might look challenging at first," said Coyle. "Be brave and harness the power of eggs from the mixing bowl to the dessert plate."

More autumn inspiration can be found at American Egg Board’s website.