Bakeries across the country are beginning to introduce fall items to their menus in celebration of the change in seasons. One of the most innovative new items comes from one of the biggest names in retail baking: Milk Bar.

Now on the menu for a limited time at Christina Tosi’s bakery is the Apple Cider Doughnut Cake. Taking a popular seasonal flavor to the next level, Milk Bar’s cake features a doughnut cake, creamy frosting with doughnut sugar topping mixed in, apple cider jam and caramelized doughnut crumbs sprinkled into almost every layer and on top.

A six-inch version of the cake costs $56, while a ten-inch version is $125. The cake joins other limited-time fall items on the Milk Bar menu, including a Fall Truffle Box, Apple Cider Doughnut Truffles and the Pumpkin Milk Bar Pie, which debuts in early October.

Milk Bar’s fall treats are available for nationwide shipping, as well as pickup or delivery from its bakeries in New York, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Boston, Las Vegas and Toronto.