The days of hand painting images on cakes and cookies are fading fast. With LogoJET’s new FSR30 and FSR90 printers, photo-quality full-color images on a single bite of food, the size of a bean, are just a click away.

“Customization is our bread and butter,” says Susan Cox, LogoJET’s chief executive officer. “Now we’re taking the capability we know well to the next level in the food industry — and the possibilities are endless.”

Competition in the field of edible printing is growing. Primera Technology, a leading manufacturer of specialty printers, recently announced the Eddie, the world’s first-and-only NSF and GMP-certified edible ink printer for printing onto cookies and other food items. Simply add a logo or message to be included with meals or desserts for special occasions, seasons, and holidays. 

Oscar Granados, LogoJET sales director, points out this new technology allows cake makers to expand their creativity to unimaginable levels including the ability to customize and decorate quickly customized cakes, or on the contrary be able to decorate consistently all cakes the same if needed with high repeatability.

Think about textures or effects that are complex to do by hand. Or think on combining both techniques. Imagine a cake that has printed roasted marshmallow effects or some kind of complex images allusive to a specific flavor, plus imagery related to the special event or restaurant, and add some handmade touches. There are infinite possibilities with digital. 

“For LogoJET it is all about new color combinations and how our technology with its food safe dyes can create any color or effect in the cakes, cookies or other bakery products,” Granados explains. “From the obvious usual photo, character, logo, and text images, to use creative effects or colors to enhance the experience of the consumer.”

The beauty of this technology is that whatever these colors will be, the solution is ready for it no matter how many combinations or different versions are needed. 

“Thanks to the digital nature of our solution, no matter what these shapes will be, they can be designed in the computer and decorated with high precision. Even if it varies from one to another,” Granados says.

Unique backgrounds

Kellie Garber, senior global product manager at Primera Technology, Inc., explains that Primera Technology’s Eddie, Edible Ink Printer is one of the latest innovations in edible printing.

Eddie prints directly onto the surface of cookies and other food items, eliminating the need for frosting sheets or stencils. Bakers can add a unique background to complement their decorations or print full-color images and photographs.

“With print speeds of a dozen cookies in 2 minutes, Eddie is the perfect decorating assistant,” Garber says.

Edible ink printers make it possible to print high-quality photos, images, and backgrounds automatically. Edible ink works on a number of different food items, such as cookies, white chocolates, macarons, lollipops, and more.

“With Eddie, the items are placed onto a carousel tray which then feeds directly into the printer,” Garber says.

“Up to 12 items can be loaded at a time. Eddie is also the world’s only GMP and NSF Certified direct-to-food printer, so you are assured that the equipment and ink you are using have been tested to the highest standards.”

Eddie prints onto cookies, candy, white chocolate, biscuits, macarons, and much more – fast and easy. It prints a dozen 3.5-inch (89mm) cookies or other similar-sized items in just two minutes.

Printed cookies or other food items will be dry and ready for sale immediately after printing. Images are bright, vibrant, smudge-resistant, and even color-matched to ICC Color Standards.

Eddie prints full-color photographs, logos, designs, and text directly onto the surface of many food items quickly and easily. The printer is used by bakeries, grocery stores, candy makers, caterers, food service, event planners, photo booths, amusement parks and more.

Direct applications

LogoJET Food Safe Printers can print directly on bakery products. This will allow bakers to add complex effects and images adding tremendous value to their product with very little effort and being able to do it over and over again.  

You can decorate each product differently. Whether it is to offer a customization experience (names, photos, etc.) to decorate with effects that are allusive to a specific flavor or ingredients, for example, different colored textures that represent different flavors. 

For cupcakes and even donuts, there are numerous creative decorating options.

“We have several customers decorating cupcakes and selling like crazy. Imagine spelling the name of each guest to a birthday party with simulated color sprinkles,” Granados says. “We have customers combining our digital images on sugar glazed donuts. It has been a great hit.”

And some LogoJET customers who replaced colored swirls and decorations with digitally printed colorful decorations were able to claim up to 30% sugar content on their cupcakes.

“Our inks have no nutritional value or flavor but do a tremendous job enhancing the product,” Granados says.

And remember you can simulate any texture, pattern with digital decorations. There are infinite possibilities. Think about printing textures that simulate the origin of a healthy ingredient, such as honey with printed dripped honey or the honeycomb.

Next-gen solutions

LogoJET is a leading direct-to-object printer manufacturer based in Lafayette, Louisiana. Over the past 16 years, they’ve empowered more than 1,000 businesses around the world to have more control over their products and profits by developing a full UV printing solution that includes industrial-grade, award-winning printers, ink and workflow solutions.

Cox of LogoJET says that while edible printers have been on the market for five years, the FSR printers represent the next generation in printing on food.

“These new printers are also a great example of how LogoJET continues to develop ways to add more value for our customers,” said Cox. “We’ve been beta testing the printers with internationally known candy and cookie makers. We’ve used our customization know how to work with them to develop integrated workflow solutions— something we’re happy to do with other clients, as well.”