Andy Ellwood, co-founder of Basket, predicts fresh food shoppers will pay more when they have a relationship with a local merchant.
Getting personal has never been a more important strategy for retailers trying to compete against the increasing numbers of shoppers making purchases online.

Even cupcake shops are now selling fresh bakery sweets online. Starting June 5, Gigi’s Cupcakes launched nationwide delivery for its cupcakes, cookies, brownies, via the Gigi’s Cupcakes website at and delivered fresh in as little as 24 hours.

For brick-and-mortar retailers, the path to prosperity lies in creating as personalized of products and service as possible to ensure differentiation.

“The way people are splitting out their food shopping — online vs. in the store — is very interesting,” says Andy Ellwood, co-founder and president of Basket, an innovative app for grocery shoppers. “With fresh, people actually want to go into the store, and they will intentionally overpay if they have a relationship with the local merchant. The power of personalization is going to be the biggest trend moving forward.”