"Using an oven as a sales assistant?" Why not? After all, it is the heart of every bakery. The psychology of advertising should recognize and utilize the advantages of bread and baked products over the many other foods with which they are in constant competition.

The smell of fresh-baked rolls and the sight of steaming crescent rolls make in-store baking of bread and pastries an experience for your customers. The movement of air inside the convection ovens ensures perfect heat distribution in the oven and the best results. 

Whether you choose a combination of convection oven and deck ovens, or a space-saving shop oven - as the "inventor" of aroma baking MIWE offers a variety of fresh baking stations for your special purposes.

In addition, situated on 6,500 square meters of land and with a usable area of roughly 1,600 square meters in Arnstein, Germany, the MIWE live baking center (LBC) is a fully equipped production bakery with seminar and meeting rooms, a modern test laboratory, offices, storage and changing rooms and a baking studio, where the complete range of products for in-store baking is available. 

"Meet the experts" is the motto of MIWE’s demonstration bakery because that's exactly what it is all about: cooperation and exchange of experiences among experts. MIWE’s master bakers and dough technologists, advisers, regional and key account managers are all well prepared to plan and organize meetings.

MIWE is represented at more than 60 national and international trade fairs each year, but nowhere as extensively as in the MIWE LBC. Here, you can take a close look at MIWE’s complete product portfolio and experience it during live demonstrations in real-life, daily situations.

The centers features equipment from MIWE energy and the MIWE eco:nova, right up to the complete range for shop baking and snacks. Also featured are loading technology and vacuum conditioning, from the production control room to the MIWE shop baking suite and other digital services. This also applies to the area of dough making and processing. 

Of course, MIWE’s master bakers and dough technologists are located on site, focusing exclusively on you and personal needs.

MIWE was founded in 1919 by Michael Wenz in the Franconian city of Arnstein, Germany, and produces baking technology for the global market at two locations in Germany. The company is well known worldwide for its competence and experience in the area of climate-controlled process stages of baking (baking, refrigerating, proofing, freezing), automation technology, implementation of energy-efficient bakeries and plant construction.