For the first time, MIWE, the German specialist for baking oven and refrigeration technology, is inviting customers and interested individuals to an international digital trade fair. Conceived as a 24-hour live event, the trade fair will open its virtual doors on February 2,  2021 at 0:00 a.m. (UTC) and last exactly 24 hours.

The exhibition will offer registered visitors an innovative format that provides the same core benefits as a conventional trade fair visit. Registration for the English-language event and the specialist presentations is now possible and free of charge.

“In terms of inspiration and information, we have opted for an exciting combination of media formats,” says MIWE project manager Lena Hoffmeister.

In addition to providing in-depth information (also for download), the stands will also feature an extensive collection of photos of the products and all their variants. Just as they would do at a real trade fair, colleagues will present the individual systems in short videos produced especially for this event. Additional videos will demonstrate the technology in action, and thanks to the 3D models, visitors will be able to take a closer look at the baking ovens and refrigeration systems from every angle.

To facilitate direct dialogue, visitors will be able to use the chat feature in the lobby and at all individual stands, where a team of experts from our various specialist departments and regions will provide information, answer specialized questions and address any individual needs. The experienced MIWE master bakers will also be available in the chat to answer any application-related questions.

A series of webinars on a variety of topics related to baking will complete the program. Frequently asked questions about purchasing and using baking oven technology will be addressed, as well as production processes for certain very popular baked goods – from pretzels to baguettes.

Further information on the webinar program and the entire event can be found at MIWE's website. Individuals can register for the webinars as soon as they have registered for the online exhibition and received access data. In order to allow visitors from every time zone to participate, the program of presentations will be repeated several times during the 24-hour trade fair, offering visitors maximum flexibility.