MIWE is presenting some important innovations and further improvements with its 2021 model year MIWE roll-in e+ rack oven.

This includes the MIWE Heat Flow, developed in continuous exchange with users and master bakers. It is a combination of an optimized heat storage wall and a vertically positioned air grill which has been newly developed from scratch, and newly arranged “trumpet nozzles” which, with their optimized flow geometry, ensure stable, uniform baking results for a wide variety of baked goods – all combined with extremely economical energy use.

The steam device has also been further developed and, thanks to a comprehensive optimization of the steam water inlets, a new type of water routing and an intelligent cascade design, it now ensures that the steam reaches the entire baking chamber significantly faster and yet more evenly.

The patented MIWE aircontrol has also been further improved, and multilayer insulating mats provide completely new insulation and a permanently improved insulating effect.

The further development of the MIWE roll-in is a response to the noticeably increased requirements of today’s bakers and has been developed in close cooperation with those who work with rack ovens on a daily basis.

“Feedback from bakers is enormously important to us at MIWE,” says Ralf Stark, sales manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. “All innovations on the MIWE roll-in were developed in continuous exchange with users and master bakers, and have already proven themselves in extensive tests. Because that’s the only way we can make sure we meet the high standards that our customers quite rightly demand of our products.”