A cake bakery in Bangor, Maine has found a unique presentation for its cakes that customers greatly enjoy. Wildflour Cake Design has turned its cakes into grab-and-go items with its cake pints.

The bakery’s pint containers, normally used to hold ice cream, are instead filled with cake and a variety of fillings including buttercream, sprinkles and sauces. The product has sold out every day since the bakery opened on April 1.  

“I did these farmers markets, and there were other bakeries that made cakes in a jar that were really popular,” owner Asa Harned tells Bangor Daily News. “I thought cake pints were a really fun idea, because you can share them, you can pop them in the fridge and eat them over a couple of days, and since they don’t need to be structurally sound, you can really experiment with fillings.”

Harned got the cake pint idea from her time living in San Diego. Eventually, when she moved back to Maine in 2016, she began baking wedding and other special cakes out of her home kitchen. It wasn’t long before she realized the need for a standalone bakery.

In addition to cakes, Wildflour Cake Design also specializes in small desserts such as cake pops, cupcakes, cookies, brownies and macarons. The bakery currently has limited hours but customers can make special orders by contacting the bakery directly.