Founded by New Zealand Native, Jordan Rondel, and joined shortly thereafter by her sister Anouk, The Caker was created in 2010 as a made-to-order cake business. In 2013, the brand launched its line of Cake Kits, to share The Caker’s signature style with people everywhere in a new way beyond the traditional published recipes and made-to-order cakes.

With the coronavirus pandemic taking over our lives, Americans are looking for new hobbies to enjoy at home, especially baking. The US has seen a huge surge in demand for baking ingredients, including alternative ingredients for allergen-free, vegan and gluten-free baking.

Enter The Caker. The brand is launching its Cake Kits in the US to be the face of quarantine baking, allowing the population to bake safely in the comfort of their own homes with cakes focused on flavor made with all-natural ingredients.

The Cake Kits have officially debuted in the US with three new flavors: Matcha Cherry, Flourless Dark Chocolate Gold Leaf and Lemon Strawberry Poppy Seed ($25 each). All of The Caker’s recipes contain ground almonds to replace some or all of the flour, creating a beautiful texture and a more wholesome, moist, and sumptuous cake.

All of the kits come with fun add-ons such as freeze-dried fruit and delicious glaze. They come in shiny boxes meant to look like perfume packaging, and are perfect for gifting or enjoying on special occasions.