Tony’s Chocolonely, a B-Corp and Fairtrade certified company on a mission to make all chocolate 100 percent slave free, is off the Halloween season with a release of its Halloween Tiny Tony’s, available nationwide in a seasonally decorated bag containing 27 pieces of individually wrapped chocolate bites.

To help keep families safe this Halloween, Tony’s Chocolonely is making trick-or-treating 100% virtual. Following its popular online Easter Egg Hunt this spring, the chocolate company decided to transform its website into a platform for digital trick-or-treating from October 30 to November 1. The company will also be giving out free chocolate to 13 lucky trick-or-treaters.

“There are a lot of things to love about Halloween, most of them sweet and spooky. However, one of the spookiest things about Halloween happens to be the most bitter,” says Aidaly Sosa, head of US marketing. “Most people think about which candy trick-or-treaters like the most when picking up supplies for Halloween night, not about where their candy is coming from. But the sad and scary truth is that the chocolate we give to children might be made by children. We think it’s unacceptable and it needs to change. That’s why we’re working to raise awareness this year and remind everyone that even something tiny can have a big impact. We can make Halloween sweeter together.”

Tony’s Chocolonely also plans to tell a different kind of Halloween story across social media with the help of miniature Halloween sets featuring its Halloween Tiny Tony’s. The images that serve to tell Tony’s story this Halloween, featuring Tiny Tony’s in classic Halloween scenes from pumpkin patches and corn mazes to neighborhood trick-or-treating, will be offered to fans as Microsoft Teams and Zoom backgrounds. The company suggests using them for moments of “tiny activism” or just a bit of Halloween fun.