On Friday, August 28, Tony’s Chocolonely, a B-Corp and Fairtrade certified company on a mission to make all chocolate 100 percent slave free, took to the streets with its Chocotruck to register voters at the March on Washington and NAN rally.

In partnership with Headcount, a non-partisan, non-profit organization that promotes participation in democracy, and Favored Nations, a non-profit organization co-founded by Noah Centineo and Josh Heller, Tony’s encouraged all marchers and attendees to register for this year’s upcoming election. Tony’s Chocotruck was parked along the march route to serve as a registration hub while providing chocolate, JUST water cartons and Favored Nations merchandise to marchers.

Tony’s Chocolonely engaged with over 3,000 march participants and help over 200 register to vote. Over the next two months, the brand will continue to engage voters for this year’s election through ongoing partnerships with both HeadCount and Favored Nations by running empowering and educational digital campaigns.

“While encouraging people to check their voter status and register to vote at the march, we witnessed over 50,000 people making their voice heard,” says Tony’s Chocolonely head of marketing Aidaly Sosa. “We were inspired by their spirit and activism and hope it encourages others to use their voice and seek out change. Change comes from voting – let’s be outspoken.”