Continuing with its mission to make all chocolate worldwide 100 percent slave-free, Tony’s Chocolonely recently introduced new flavors of chocolate. These three unique flavors incorporate herbs and spices meant to surprise the senses.

Milk Honeycomb Thyme is a 32 percent creamy Belgium Fairtrade milk chocolate with crispy honeycomb, freeze dried thyme, and sea salt. White Turmeric Chai Coconut is a 28 percent Belgium Fairtrade white chocolate with turmeric chai spice mix and grated coconut. It features the flavors of the far east packed inside a bar of creamy white chocolate. Dark Chili Fudge Pink Pepper is a 51 percent Belgium Fairtrade dark chocolate with chili fudge and pink pepper.

The limited-edition bars are available now at Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, and select retailers nationwide.

True to the brand’s commitment to end child slavery in the cocoa industry, Tony’s Chocolonely is made with 100 percent traceable cocoa beans that were purchased directly from their partner cooperatives in Ghana and Ivory Coast.