With Better Breakfast Month taking place in September, Eat Just, the maker of the JUST Egg plant-based egg product, partnered with Yelp to look at breakfast spots across America and find the best omelets and breakfast sandwiches based on Yelp reviews.

The restaurants were identified by Yelp as having a large concentration of reviews and then ranked using a number of factors including the total volume and ratings. When available, all businesses on the lists had a passing health score as of August 2020.

The Best Breakfast Sandwiches in America

  1. AJ's Press, Longwood, Florida
  2. Uncle Af's, Agoura Hills, California
  3. Christie's Deli, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  4. CAFE CLUB by les artistes, Hollywood, Florida
  5. Cafe N!ne, El Cerrito, California
  6. Worth Takeaway, Mesa, Arizona
  7. Bunz, Huntinton Beach, California
  8. Basil's Deli & Cafe, Canoga Park, California
  9. Thyme For Lunch, San Antonio, Texas
  10. Cafe Homestead, Waco, Texas
  11. Coffee ME Up, Portland, Maine
  12. Brooklyn Baking, Waterbury, Conneticut
  13. The Sparrow Bakery, Bend, Oregon
  14. Steel Cup Café, Long Beach, California
  15. Terrace Street Café, Haworth, New Jersey
  16. Elmisa Cafe, San Diego, California
  17. City Cafe, Denver, Colorado
  18. Yolk White & Associates, Tampa, Florida
  19. Grumpy's Handcarved Sandwiches, Pottstown, Pennsylvania
  20. The Fuel Shack, San Clemente, California
  21. Marlene's Original Breakfast Sandwich, Tampa, Florida
  22. DV8 Kitchen, Lexington, Kentucky
  23. S'wich Bistro, Irvine, California
  24. Sunny Point Café, Asheville, North Carolina
  25. Reggie's Deli & Cafe, Los Angeles, California
  26. Ovation Coffee & Tea, Portland, Oregon
  27. Middle Child, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  28. The Modern Tea Room, Lancaster, California
  29. City Square Deli & Grill, Phoenix, Arizona
  30. Mama Bird, Las Vegas, Nevada
  31. Sunny Side Kitchen, Escondido, California
  32. Nature's Best Cafe, Naperville, Illinois
  33. 4 Paws Coffee Co., Palm Springs, California
  34. Baguette Cafe, Las Vegas, Nevada
  35. The Devine Cinnamon Roll Deli, Columbia, South Carolina
  36. Stockyard Sandwich, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  37. Fried Egg I'm In Love, Portland, Oregon
  38. Hawaiian Island Cafe, Waimanalo, Hawaii
  39. NOM Kauai, Kapaa, Hawaii
  40. Zookz Sandwiches, Phoenix, Arizona
  41. Bandit, San Francisco, California
  42. Dottie Audrey's Bakery Kitchen, Tuxedo Park, New York
  43. Marie's Coffee & Deli, Los Angeles, California
  44. Leoda's Kitchen and Pie Shop, Lahaina, Hawaii
  45. Persephone Bakery, Jackson, Wyoming
  46. Wally's Deli, Fort Myers, Florida
  47. Cafe Soleil, St. Pete Beach, Florida
  48. Prospect Provisions, Brooklyn, New York
  49. Kingsland Kitchen, Portland, Oregon
  50. Juice Joint & Deli, San Juan Capistrano, California

The Best Omelets in America

  1. Mr. Mamas Breakfast and Lunch, Las Vegas, Nevada
  2. Urban Griddle, Elizabeth, New Jersey
  3. Sunny Point Café, Asheville, North Carolina
  4. Shelly's Cafe, Tampa, Florida
  5. Beach Break Cafe, Oceanside, California
  6. Nanou Las Olas, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  7. Butters Pancakes & Café, Scottsdale, Arizona
  8. Egg & I, Las Vegas, Nevada
  9. Nina's Cafe, Huntington Park, California
  10. Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe, Chicago, Illinois
  11. Terrace Street Café, Haworth, New Jersey
  12. Another Broken Egg Cafe, Clearwater Beach, Florida
  13. Omelet House, Las Vegas, Nevada
  14. Butters Pancakes & Café, Scottsdale, Arizona
  15. Corner Cafe, Newport, Rhode Island
  16. The Little Diner, Vail, Colorado
  17. Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe, Chicago, Illinois
  18. Brother Juniper's, Memphis, Tennessee
  19. Egg Works, Las Vegas, Nevada
  20. Fiero Caffe, San Mateo, California
  21. Sunset Grill, Fredericksburg, Texas
  22. Creamy Spoon French Bistro, Glendale, California
  23. The Banks Grill, Morehead City, North Carolina
  24. The Coffee Cup, Boulder City, Nevada
  25. Doreen's Cup of Joe, Marco Island, Florida
  26. Cafe Talya, Bayonne, New Jersey
  27. Sweet E's Cafe, Honolulu, Hawaii
  28. More Than Waffles, Encino, California
  29. Lapisara Eatery, San Francisco, California
  30. Porto's Bakery & Cafe, Burbank, California
  31. AJ's Kitchen, Atascadero, California
  32. Pete's Breakfast House Restaurant, Ventura, California
  33. Connie's, Vista, California
  34. Butterfield's Pancake House, Scottsdale, Arizona
  35. Sunview Cafe, Allen, Texas
  36. Two Chicks Cafe, New Orleans, Louisiana
  37. Elmer's Restaurant, Palm Springs, California
  38. Dialog Cafe, West Hollywood, California
  39. Crow's Nest, Kalamazoo, Michigan
  40. Butler's Pantry Breakfast, Stowe, Vermont
  41. Rodeo Cafe, Mira Loma, California
  42. Le Coffee Shop, Temecula, California
  43. The Morning Fork, Sacramento, California
  44. L'Atelier Cafe, Palm Springs, California
  45. Palmer's Village Cafe, Saint Simons Island, Georgia
  46. Morning Glory, Ashland, Oregon
  47. Cafe Patachou, Indianapolis, Indiana
  48. Cafe Kacao, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  49. The Pelican Restaurant, Lake Worth, Florida
  50. The Oak Table, Sequim, Washington

Eat Just is offering these 100 restaurants a JUST Egg “starter kit” with point-of-sale signage and digital assets as well as free cases of JUST Egg to help them make their breakfast menus even better in September and beyond.

Over half of Americans are eating fewer animal products since the coronavirus pandemic began and nearly six in 10 find themselves transitioning to a more flexitarian, or semi-vegetarian, diet, citing health as their top reason for making the change. This is according to a new survey conducted by market research firm OnePoll, commissioned by Eat Just.